How do you spark curiosity among viewers for the stories of the unheard?

Questions like these fuel the projects of digital artist Niels Hofsteenge. Having experienced a lot of ignorance and prejudice himself from growing up in mentally rigid communities, he devotes his work to sharing the stories of those who also feel excluded.

His design background has laid the foundation for his creative process. He connects to communities and researches their underexposed cultural or social subjects. Using new digital-based mediums he finds new ways to share their stories. Building visual worlds around them, supported by narratives that play with your imagination and perception.

Take the interactive documentary ‘The Unheard Nation’. It introduces you to the story of an undisclosed culture. As you progress through the story you learn more about it, subtly ranging from the seemingly fictional history to a dystopian reality of the contemporary effects of colonialism. Providing the viewer with an opportunity to, learn, reflect, and question. Ultimately creating more awareness and empathy in the world around us.

Besides working as a digital artist, Niels also has a design practice. More info on

2020    The Unheard Nation, Onland Network
2017     RED DREAMS, Red Floor Gallery
2017     Future Potty Training, Willem de Kooning Open Day

2016-2020  Willem de Kooning Academy, Graphic Design
2012-2016   Deltion College, Graphic Design

Rotterdam based
Digital artist